What’s The Number One Video Game?


Many would point to video games like Minecraft or Fortnite for that number one spot but no. That honor arguably goes to a game that shares the same acronym as Laugh Out Loud, League of Legends. Four years after its release in 2009, League claimed the title of most played computer game due to its number of hours played.


As for what allowed it to take off, look no further than these qualities: fast-paced, competitive, strategical, multiplayer, free, and online. Because of it being online, League got to take advantage of powerful video centric platforms like Twitch and Youtube. Both platforms had a plethora of engaging advertisements to go along with the engaging content creators that were and still are playing the game. This is when the words free and online really come into play, because somewhere on the same screen would be a link that anyone could use to almost instantly and effortlessly start playing.


When 2016 rolled around, the people behind the game had the receipts to prove they were raking in around 8 million active players every day and over 100 million active players every month. League of Legends would then lend itself to merchandise as well as collaborations with other online entertainment such as music videos, documentaries, and hundreds of thousands of fan art, fan established forums, and more.


League of Legends’ craze involving dozens of different builds, fighting classes, weapons, armor, and players versus players matches that involved team cooperation made it to where people couldn’t get enough of it. Public interest doesn’t seem to be slowing down either, not going by last years eSports involving the League of Legends World Championship. The competition had a minimum prize pool of 2.5 million dollars and got the eyes of over 100 million different viewers.


As of right now, League of Legends is gaming’s most popular eSport, rivaling even that of events like the Super Bowl. For more details read on league of legends account shop.

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